To remember who you are, you must forget who they told you to be.

Waking your WILD Woman

  • A daily pratice to activate your inner WILD woman in 30 Days!
  • Guidance in shifting the beliefs that you keep you tame, controlled, & limited and missing out on the greatest JOYS in life!
  • Easy journaling prompts that transform your own fears by allowing you to shine light on those SHADOW aspects of yourself
  • Group of other Wild Women in a Sisterhood who have your back, every day in every way! 
  • Accessible anytime from your phone or computer
  • In just 15 min a day SEE the transformation of WHO YOU ARE Being!  
Unleash my Inner WILD woman!
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When I was Silent, I had THUNDER hidden inside -Rumi

Connect to your own inner voice that holds the answers to living your life WILD, Happy and FREE!

Hear your own THUNDER so you can create the Magic in your Life! 

No more settling for a subtle rainstorm when you are Lig

Throw off the shackles that have held you down.

Walk away from what no longer serves you. Say no more to all the "Shoulds," "Musts" and "Have tos"

Join the Sisterhood of WILD ones!

In a private online group you will support, inspire and interact with your sisters!

Anything goes.

Only one RULE:


Why "Waking your Wild Woman" was created

WOMEN are Crying out alone! You have been going through huge shifts which have led to challenging transitions in life, relationships and business. These are times when you've questioned everything! You are seeking this inner strength filled with confidence and grace.  

Yet your mind keeps running the negative, habitual thinking which just equates to more stress, struggle, anxitety and even depression. You might just feel lost.

Can you break free from the status quo? Can you remove the mask you wear each day? Can you release the pain, trauma and fear that keeps you up at night? Can you allow yourself to feel Vibrant, Happy and Free?  

How, How, How, How?!?!!  

Would you like me to show you HOW?  

It doesn’t happen overnight. It wouldn’t be Evolution if it did. It requires daily commitment and adjustments in tiny increments along the way. Course-correcting is the key. Be WILD in each moment is the way through. Some moments you will be riding high and others you’ll feel yourself sinking again. It’s the rise and the fall just as in the ocean’s tide that creates the life you live. The ocean’s tide is a global body of water, just as you are part of the collective of souls. I could geek out on the science behind it all, but the main point is that we are all part of this evolution. We are all Divine beings. So, how then does this relate to living as a WILD Woman? You must know the truth about who you really are. This won’t happen by filling your mind with more knowledge, instead you must experience it and embody it daily! This means you'll need to re-write your throughts, feeling and emotions in alignment with what you truly want. Repeating the struggle and stress only leads to more of that!  

Are you ready to come to know yourself, as the Truth of who you are? Are you ready to see what’s possible when you witness your Awaken your WILD Woman? Are you ready to begin the process of sharing your naked voice, that has the power to transform your life and the lives of others?  

I remember years ago feeling as though I was living life in survival mode, as if there was always something else to overcome, or somewhere else I needed to be. I just wanted to keep achieving the next thing so I didn't have to face how much I was in resistance in my marriage. When I felt it was more than I could bare, I just disconnected and detached myself from those emotions so that I could keep pushing through, staying in my committed relationship and doing whatever it took to keep going, OR I would detach and feel a false sense of “happiness” but only when I was alone. UGH!!! I would blame my partner, my situation and just about anything else, other than looking deep within myself and unleashed my inner WILD. Once I chose to trust my WILD, I became Connected to all of life, I felt deeply fulfilled, satisying and delicously free!!! That's when everything changed! 

I stopped hiding my truth from everyone and everything. I got to this place of Enough is Enough. I can't go on like this any longer. I felt the Rage, the Saddenss, The depth of my deepest Pain and I chose the wilderness... the unknown... and the TRUTH that I was all of these things and so much more! Perhaps you can relate? 

 And while you might not even be sure right now what there is to DO, that's only because it doesn't happen from a place of your mind. Transformation only comes to you after a Death which will ultimately lead to your Rebirth. The coolest part? You get to choose everything. 

So, start now, right where you are with what you are feeling and say YES to the journey to your WILD becoming.  

This is the answer to what you are seeking. When you know who you are, and you tune-in to the voice of your wild woman, you will speak authentically, powerfully and unapologetically. You will feel confident and trust yourself to speak up and show up as yourself. 


When you sign up for Waking your Wild Woman, you'll immediately have access to our private group and receive emails every day that will include Journaling prompts, Recorded Audios, Practices, Challenges to try, and Videos to assist you.

Audio Meditations to assist you in connecting your the WILDest parts of yourself, creating space to know how you desire to express those parts of you, these audios deepen your experience.

Videos Specialized training Videos with Christine, will asist you to reprogram your mind for powerful thougths, awareness and wisdom that ignites your WILD!

Journaling Daily writing prompts for you to engage in keeping the momentum. These will challenge you to break into your next level, transform old limiting beliefs and see what you haven't been able to see ever before which is the exact reason why you are dealing with what you are experiencing at this moment.

Community Community is another key component in having a Safe and Supportive Space to speak your truth. This happens in our private FB group where you'll have 24/7 access to your life-minded soul sisters and Christine guiding you every step of the way. 



  • 24/7 Community 
  • Daily Support via emails, FB group, Live videos
  • Coaching Guidance ongoing for 30 Days!
  • Just one payment of $197.00